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Q: What should I do if I’m interested in one of your properties?

You may call or e-mail us for information. We also list information and photos of our available inventory here on the website. 


It is policy that we do not show units.

Q: Where and when is the Dynamic Real Estate Office Open?

The office is located at:

1202 Sacramento St Deltona, FL 32725.

The office is open: 

Monday & Wednesday: 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9:00AM to 2:00PM, available by phone/email only until 5:00PM

Closed all weekends and holidays.

Q: What are the rental qualifications?

Tenants must have a combined gross income of 3 times the monthly rent. 

All parties over the age of 18 on the lease must fill out and sign an application completely. We will inquire about your current income, employment, rental history, and conduct a full credit/background check. 
We also accept co-signors.  All Co-signors must go through the same rental application process with an application fee and separate email address.  They will be financially responsible parties to the lease.

We review your application as a whole, there is not any one particular item that will be a sole factor in an approval or denial, except evictions within the last year or income less than 3X the amount of rent are denials. 

The process is approximately 4-5 business days once we receive all necessary documentation from you. 


The deposits & administrative fee are due immediately upon approval.



Prior to lease commencement, TENANT is required to obtain the following insurance, PAID IN FULL FOR THE TERM OF THE LEASE. 

Below are the requirements:

  • Insurance Policy/Type: HO4

  • Named Insured(s): ALL TENANT NAME(s)

  • Name of any Additional Interested: LANDLORD, and Dynamic Real Estate of Central Florida at 1202 Sacramento St Deltona, FL 32725,

  • there is no AI on the HO4, but the LANDLORD is an additional insured with regards to animal liability on the Comprehensive Personal Liability policy

  • TENANT'S Personal Property Coverage is required

  • Amount of Personal Liability Coverage on the HO4 is $300,000.00

  • $500.00 or less standard deductible

  • water/sewer back up coverage is required

  • Receipt of policy paid in Full

Q: Do you accept Section 8 or other types of rental assistance?

Yes, we accept Section 8 and most other types of rental assistance programs.  Upon completing an application, please send copies of your documents to  

Q: How can I apply for an available property?

You can submit your application online. You can pay your application fee online. Please note we require a separate application, application fee, and email address from anyone over the age of 18 living in the property.  Please be sure to put the property you are interested in and an accurate move in date on your application.  All applicants with pets must sign the pet disclosure within the application.


You may apply and be pre-approved for a unit that is "coming soon".

Q: What are documentation do I need?

We will need a copy of the Drivers Identifications, and the most recent months' worth of pay stubs.  
If you are self-employed or 1099 we will need the last two years of filed taxes and the current YTD P&L. This also applies to Family Businesses. 
If you receive assistance of any kind we will need documentation of what it is, and the amount.  This includes but is not limited to Section 8, we will need the maximum subsidy sheet, most recent ssi award letter, any retirement or pensions, food stamps award letter, court ordered child support, and any nonprofit organization that assist with deposits.

Q: How do I get my keys and move in?

You will receive keys on the day that you move into the property after you have signed the lease, paid all upfront expenses, and provided proof of paid in full renters' insurance policy.

Q: When is my rent due?

Rent is ALWAYS due on the first of the month.  Please refer to your lease agreement for all terms of late fees. 

Q: What should I do if I want to change a name on my lease?

Once a lease is signed, an applicant cannot be removed from the lease agreement until the renewal.  When the lease is up for renewal, at that time, the request can be processed and the remaining resident will need to sign a new lease agreement.  To add anyone to the lease, that person, if over the age of 18, must go through the tenant application process, be screened and approved by the owner. Any minors needing to be added as authorized occupants need written notification of the request and approval from management.

Q: What should I do if I want to get a pet?

All pets must be approved by the landlord.  Tenant must complete a pet application, and be submitted for approval. A Current Photograph of all animal(s) and shot records are required.  Once the pet is approved, a nonrefundable pet fee will need to be paid and a pet disclosure will need to be signed prior to the pet moving in. Pet Insurance may be required.

Q: I have an issue at my property and want to submit a maintenance request. What do I Do?

Please complete a maintenance request in writing through the tenant portal.  See tenant handbook for emergency procedures.

Q: My lease is ending, I am not renewing my lease, what do I do now?

You must give 30 days’ written notice of your intention of non-renewal. You must vacate your apartment/house completely on or before your lease expiration date, no exceptions. Keys should be returned to our office or to the agent with whom you conduct your move out inspection with. We will need your forwarding address so that your security deposit can be returned to you. Our move out procedures in your tenant handbook will assist you in leaving your apartment/home in move-in condition.

Q: I have moved out, but how do I get my security deposit back?

All deposits are handled in accordance with the FL statutes. 

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