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March 2022

3/4-13th  DAYTONA & Orlando BIKE WEEK!!!

*check twice for motorcyclists*

3/4 Daytona Supercross

3/5 March Speed Show, Lake Helen Equestrian Center

3/5 Lake Mary Heathrow Festival of the Arts

3/10 Taste of Volusia, Volusia County Fairgrounds

3/11 NSB Shamrock & Roll Music Fest

3/18 Cocoa Reggae & Rum Fest

3/18 Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival

3/19 Love is Love Pride Fest Deland

3/19 Sanford Food Truck Fiesta

3/26 Green Springs Park, 5k, 10k, & Relay Races

3/26 Florida Wildflower & Garden Fest Deland

3/26 Central Florida Soul Fest Central Florida Fairgrounds

3/26 Night Hike at the Zoo Sanford

3/26 10th Annual Pints N’ Paws Craft Beer Fest Sanford

Tip of the Month

Add rubbing alcohol to your  soapy mop water.  The floors dry much faster!

Archieved Articles

Make the inside of your rental feel like home

Written by: Dynamic Real Estate

Increasing housing demands are presenting builders who are constructing more and more complex multifamily homes creating a new way of living for many.  Luxury Apartments coming with full-service amenities draw the eyes of many looking to save overall on their monthly budgets.  High end items such as partial utilities, fitness centers, pools, and community shared space that is community maintained become common must haves.  Even single family rental homes have about the same standards with neutral walls, minimal design, and standard miniblinds.  How to you make your standard cookie cutter rental unit feel personal and cozy without risking your deposits at move out?

There a many affordable personal touches that you can do to make your new rental home feel more like home.

Hands down, give the space a thorough cleaning before moving in.  There is no better feeling than to move your belongings in to a clean unit.  Everyone’s measure of clean is different; often creating sense of frustration immediately when moving into a new place.  However, if you incorporate cleaning to create a fresh slate to build from, you are creating the foundation for loving your space right from the start regardless of whether it was satisfactory to begin with.

Changing the light bulbs.  In between tenancies owners often do a once over on their properties repairing and freshening, but often items such as light bulbs, if they are working do not get replaced.  Changing out all the old light bulbs and putting in fresh ones instantly changes the lightening in the space.  You could go from a dull yellow glow to the bright inviting incandescence of an LED blub immediately changing the tone of the space.  If your unit doesn’t come with many lights, try adding a few well-placed floor or table lamps. Mirrors also help to disperse light throughout the home. Light strands can also add warm glows to a room without a light bulb.  These magical little additions give a festive sparkle to your space.

House plants bring the energy of life into a space.  Full of a multitude of benefits ranging from oxygen and air quality improvement to color and possible food sources, plants are a quintessential item to have when making a space home.  Dracaena Marginata more commonly known as a Dragon Tree and Snake Plants are excellent additions This plant grows very well in pots and grows vertically creating drama and texture to its surroundings.  This plant does great in low light and is low maintenance.  Snake Plants also grow vertically creating height and architecture while maintaining the ability to be neglected with watering and survive even first-time plant owners.  Chlorohytum Comosum or Spider Plants are another amazing addition to a room.  They thrive in indirect lighting and require very little attention to just grow and flourish in your space.

Command Strips are a renter’s best friend.  Hang those pictures, tapestries, and decorations.  Whatever level of accessories you like to have in your home, put them up.  Just surrounding yourself with familiar and pleasing personal items continues the feeling of home.  Using command strips helps to put your mind at ease about putting holes in the walls.  Do not be afraid to touch the walls in your rental!

Use accessories to bring color into the space.  Various shades of beige are notorious for being utilized in rental properties.  Use your personal items and furniture to add color and dimension to your space. Add a colorful tablecloth and chair covers to liven up your dining room.  Personalized throw pillows on the couch bring a sense of comfort and familiarity to the family room.  Curtains not only provide sun blocking for energy saving, but also add individualization to living quarters.

You often have a lack of storage space in rentals.  Over the door racks and hooks are great for space savers.  Tension rods in the bathrooms and kitchen also help to add extra storage solutions. Bookshelves can be used as headboards or room dividers.  Hanging baskets are one of the most under used easy storage solutions for small spaces.  Hang a basket in a small bathroom for added space for all your brushes and accessories. Raising and installing pull out drawers, container, or roller bins maximize space underneath your bed. Shower curtain rings on hangers in the closet add organized space for scarves and belts.

Be easy on yourself and your space when settling into a new rental.  Take your time, be creative, and make it your own space.  With just a few easy projects you can take a beige cookie cutter unit and transform it into anything your mind can imagine.

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